Best Replacement Basement Windows for your Home

best replacement basement windows

Need replacement basement windows but not sure where to start? Our window replacement in Clearwater, FL, expert installers made this guide to help our clients assess their choices and make the best decision for their new basement windows.

Perhaps you have a living space in the basement, but don’t spend time there since it feels like a cave. It’s usually an issue because of the windows. In the basement, it’s difficult to find the right window solutions that give proper light and ventilation.

However, today there are many window replacement companies in Clearwater, FL, that can install a basement window. They can improve the usability of your basement so you can spend more energy there. Here are some alternatives to consider if you are considering replacement basement windows:

Windows Replacement for Basements

basement window grid

In basements, there are some factors to consider. Efficiency is the primary need since you will spend more time in the basement and may need heating/cooling. Purchasing an energy-efficient window for your basement will cost you a little more but can help with your utility bills. And an egress window will suit your needs and meet your building code requirements.

Cutting an opening if one doesn’t exist will add to your labor cost. But this will permit you to pick the size and kind of window you want to install.

Design alternatives like grids and colors are significant for finished basements. You’ll want the colors of your windows to mix in with the rest of the basement for better curb appeal. Even though white can blend well, you may need a wood-grain interior to match the color scheme.

Replacement Basement Windows Sizes

Basement window sizes will vary. There is no standard size, but there are some common ones people use more often. The best solution would be to get a window that is custom measured for your opening, guaranteeing an air-tight fit.

You could likewise get stock sizes from your hardware store or online store but may need to re-do the frame to fit the stock size.

Do you want energy-efficient glass in your replacement basement windows?

energy-efficient basement windows

When replacing windows in your home, energy-efficient glass is essential because the glass is the biggest part of the window. And you will need a lot of glass for your windows. But windows in the basement have significantly less glass so energy-efficiency windows aren’t as significant.

Usually, all new windows are double pane, and you rarely see triple pane. You can likewise find a standard upgrade, like an invisible Low-E coating and argon gas sandwiched in between.

Often, the energy savings you’ll get from triple pane windows, Low-E, or argon gas do not merit the additional cost. This is because the window is so small and won’t get a lot of sunlight. This is particularly true if you didn’t finish your basement and don’t invest much energy there.

A top issue with energy-efficient windows is the air can come inside the window. Yes, even the best energy-efficient window won’t stop air leaks if installed incorrectly. So, an excellent solution is to seal the outside with spray foam insulation.

What type of frame is best for your replacement basement windows?

The most common replacement basement window material is wood. However, it doesn’t bode well to use wood unless you desire to use it. In almost every home, using the vinyl window is more than adequate since wood frames need more maintenance and cost more.

Most homeowners use wood on their exterior home windows or even composite, but use vinyl in the basement. Yes, if you have a finished basement, then it makes sense to use wood or composite frame materials, particularly if you want the beauty of wood to match the rest of the house.

Transom Windows

transom window

These are thin, fixed windows that typically go above doors. Transom windows are an incredible solution if you want to add more daylight to your basement.

They don’t need to go over a door since you can put transom windows high on the wall. In the basement, these will get the most sunlight and will make the room look taller and bigger.

Awning Windows

These windows hinge at the highest point of the assembly and push outward. The bottom opens, and the top makes a roof over the opening. These are normally littler windows but wide. These are an extraordinary alternative for the basement since you can put them higher on the wall, and the roof shields the opening from debris.

This installation method also permits you to open the awning windows on rainy days.

Hopper Windows

Hopper windows operate like awning windows, yet upside down. So these windows hinge at the bottom of the assembly, and the top opens. Hopper windows also can either push out or pull inward to open.

Much the same as awning windows, they are short yet wide and can function higher on the wall where needed. These are a decent alternative for ventilation in a basement since they will draw humidity in and out.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are a standard choice for most homes and can work in practically any place. Because their operation is basic, their sizing is versatile, and they require no more room to extend outside. Sliding windows can work as egress windows in the basement.

These windows can work as an exit if there should be an occurrence of emergency since there are large.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are another extraordinary choice since both panes slide down and up inside the frame. Once more, such as sliding windows, they don’t extend outside, are simple to work, and can work as an egress window.

Another advantage of double-hung windows is that you can open both the top and lower sash simultaneously. This is useful for natural ventilation since cool air gets in through the bottom and warm air exits out the top.

Need assistance picking the right replacement basement windows? Crystal Clear Windows and Doors can help. Our window specialists can assist you in finding the best solution for your home and basement.

They will walk you through the right materials, designs, glazing alternatives, and different technologies.

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