Why we Recommend Installing Hurricane Impact Windows?

Benefits of Installing Hurricane Impact Windows

Installing hurricane impact windows means you get the best solution for the
ever-present issue of dangerous weather by equipping your home with a
sturdy and lasting armor that is both classy and durable.

Besides protection from extreme weather,
impact windows near Clearwater Beach benefit your home, business, or property.

Impact windows and door installation are the best options to fight severe
storm areas because of their construction; they made these windows last!

Why homeowners are Installing Hurricane Impact Windows?

Installing Hurricane Impact Windows will prevent winds from destroying your home

After the destruction of Hurricane Andrew in 1992, many building codes
changed to improve the homes’ capacities for withstanding storms and
hurricanes. In 2002, a new statute required that buildings in
hurricane-prone areas be built to withstand 150 mph winds by
installing impact-resistant doors and windows.

Florida Building Codes have many regulations on windows that homeowners
must meet when building a new home.

In 2007, building codes changed again requirements to include components
for new constructions like shatterproof windows, sturdier roofs, and
stronger stabilized concrete pillars. Since new building codes only apply
to new construction built near the shoreline, buildings built before 1992
are still vulnerable to hurricane winds.

Property holders that can’t afford to move or construct another home that
meets the present building code standards must do what they can afford to
secure their homes. Fortunately, there are solutions like impact windows
that offer excellent protection.

Hurricane-impact windows increase the home’s energy efficiency

Energy-efficient windows

can save you much cash by reducing heat gain in the summer and keeping the
heat in your home in the winter.

Yes, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends that homeowners nationwide consider installing energy-efficient impact windows. Plus, many
consider them a “green” product for the environment-conscious consumer.

Traditional windows are profoundly energy inefficient and account for 25%
to 33% of the average homeowner’s heating and cooling costs. That amount of
waste hurts the homeowner’s checkbook after months of increased energy

Why use obsolete window technology when you can upgrade to energy-efficient
impact windows that look incredible from the day of installation and
provides years of lower heating and cooling costs?

Improved Noise Reduction


Impact-resistant windows have become standard for Florida not only for their safety
but for the added advantage of noise reduction.

Because of their notable effect on outside noise, impact windows have
increased in popularity even in places where their low possibilities of
serious weather events.

Impact windows use thick laminated glass and strong framing materials,
which help decrease outside noise by as much as 40%. Their overall
thickness ranges from 7/16″ to 9/16″ when compared with a common single-pane glass that measures 1/8″.

Typical windows have little effect on outside disturbances, for example,
lawnmowers, pets, or neighborhood parties. People become tired of loud
noises that disturb their relaxation time during the day or that awakes
them during the night. We intend homes to be sanctuaries from all the
noises of the outside world!

Burglar deterrent

Impact windows not only stop winds and debris out of your home but they
can also prevent home burglaries.

Manufacturers designed impact windows to take the force and form a “spider”
design without the danger of glass shards flying into your home. Two layers
of tempered glass (inner and external) sandwich an internal layer of
shatter-proof polyvinyl material with impact windows. That innovation gives
an extra defense to break-in attempts. Remember, after doors, burglars try
to break windows to enter a property.

Return on Investment (ROI)


You can have confidence that an investment in impact windows is well worth
the expense. Did you also know it’s among the top five renovations
with the highest return on investment (ROI)? So, you can likewise qualify
for a tax break and a reduction in your insurance by buying impact windows.
The next home project must look profoundly
at these flexible products with many benefits.

Professional Installing Hurricane Impact Windows

Picking the right installer is essential to getting the best price on
impact windows and the best service!

Installing hurricane impact
windows require knowledge, ensure the contractor knows the proper installation of these

You won’t experience the total benefits of your windows if there’s a
mistake in the installation. Therefore, you may void your
manufacturer’s warranty if the windows get installed erroneously, or you
don’t use an expert.

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