Are Patio Glass Doors Safe?

are patio doors safe

Modern glass doors offer a lifestyle with fresh ventilation and excellent views, but are patio glass doors safe? Despite the beautiful sliding glass doors, they pose security risks that shouldn’t be disregarded. 

Criminals seeking quick access into a house will often focus on sliding glass doors. They frequently have straightforward locking mechanisms, are usually left open, and are concealed thanks to being on the patio. 

But modern patio doors offer more excellent home protection than older models because of their sturdy glass and frame materials. Today, Tampa Bay hurricane-impact sliding doors are specially created and tested to meet strict building codes for hurricane-prone areas like Tampa, FL. 

However, regular patio doors are not built to resist hurricane-force winds and flying debris. For best security against storms, impact sliding doors have impact-resistant glass, reinforced frames, and reliable locking systems.

Patio Door with Tempered Glass


Safety glass is another name for tempered glass. Tempered glass is a piece of glass heated to a high temperature and then quickly cooled. The strength and impact resistance of the glass is increased through this technique. 


The glass pane shouldn’t shatter if a baseball rebounds off it or even a rock. Additionally, when tempered glass breaks, it shatters into round fragments instead of shards, which can lessen the chance of getting hurt by the pieces. But burglars can break tempered glass.


A Patio Glass Door with Laminated Glass is Safe!


Laminated glass is made up of two or more glass panes that are connected by an interlayer. Typically, the thermal plastic polyvinyl butyral (PVB) makes up the interlayer. Because of its excellent adherence and visual clarity, safety glass is where it finds its main application. 


Laminated glass resist impacts better than tempered glass due to the usage of PVB. When the glass does break, the PVB holds the glass together, lowering the chance of harm from flying debris. 


Impact-Resistant Sliding Glass Door

sliding impact glass doors

Impact-resistant glass is an essential component of hurricane-sliding patio doors. This glass’s robust interlayer helps it resist shattering during impact. 


When the glass breaks, it will still be attached to the interlayer, minimizing the chance of damage and stopping harmful shards from flying around. 


An added layer of insulation that the impact-resistant glass offers improves energy efficiency.


Patio Sliding Glass Door Frame Materials


To protect the home, frames for patio doors must be made from top-notch and reliable materials. These materials can enhance and address safety issues unique to your chosen style of patio doors. 


The selected patio door materials are made to fulfill specific purposes. When choosing the suitable material for your patio door frame, Crystal Clear Window & Door experts are ready to assist you at every stage.




Aluminum is a fantastic option for bi-fold or sliding patio doors! It is more affordable than other materials, is corrosion-resistant, and has excellent durability. A way to get a modern look is with an aluminum sliding glass door installation. It’s easy to build a sophisticated door with an added burglar-resistant barrier.




Another material for new or replacement patio doors is vinyl. Due to its sturdy and secure gliding channels, it is the perfect sliding patio door. Although vinyl material looked cheap back then, it has improved significantly over the last few decades. It is now a highly sought-after material since it has a polished, durable, protective, and attractive appearance that is made to last.




A wooden frame has a timeless appearance. French doors can give a home a fashionable flair. Wood, however, rots, warps, and cracks. Its lifespan is less than ideal for toughness and security, particularly for wet or humid regions.




Fiberglass sliding glass doors can meet and go beyond your demands and offer all the natural beauty of wood with long-lasting durability. It works flawlessly for conventional sliding glass doors or sliding French patio doors.


What are the Benefits of Sliding Patio Doors for My House?


A sliding patio door has many benefits. They offer a smooth transition from indoor to outdoor areas, make the most of natural light, conserve space, and improve the appearance of your house. 


Safe sliding patio glass doors can also be made to withstand hurricanes, offering remarkable protection from bad weather and making them an excellent option for coastal homes.

To get the best patio door costs, contact an expert.

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