Are Hurricane Impact Windows & Shutters The Same?

Are you buying new storm protection windows, but want to learn more? In reality, there is no difference between hurricane or impact windows! Yes, we call them to impact windows near me, hurricane windows, in fact, storm windows can be added too. Now we understand the difference; but do hurricane windows & shutters fall into this mix?

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Hurricane shutters are not the same as impact windows.

We will show you the difference between the impact windows and doors and shutters. Depending on your needs & budget, investment, and style you want, hopefully, this post will help you make a decision.

So how should we decide to buy impact windows and doors or storm shutters? We are an impact window company in all Pinellas County, FL, we will only use facts without being bias. Our point is to inform you in this post, thus let us begin.

Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors VS Hurricane Shutters

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Let us give you some pros of impact windows, glass doors, and sunroom additions.

The cost of impact windows is the only negative, but it does give you a return on investment in the long run!

Let us give you some pros of hurricane shutters

  • Hurricane shutters are more affordable 
  • They do protect from UV rays too
  • Different colors available
  • Gives you protection at a low cost

Now that we understand that there is a difference in window protection, so what’s better? Well, folks that depend on the use and value of your residential strategy.

But remember that sunlight won’t get by shutters, so you got to remove them. Debris can still break your windows. Your light bill won’t go down since you have to take them down, once a hurricane warning is gone.

New Impact Doors and Windows Are The Best Investment Choice!

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The value of your home won’t rise by choosing shutters. Think about it this way if it’s a home that you live in with low value and you don’t see it as an asset and are physically able to put on and take off shutters around the year then shutters are a good alternative.

Now if you feel down the road your home can be an asset, then impact windows replacement will bring value to your asset. Now let’s go over the differences of installing hurricane impact windows, sliding glass doors, and sunrooms.

The real estate market always has ups and downs, but home values always bounce back. You can always look up the market crash in 2008 homes lost value, but real estate bounce back!

This is what I think, your home saves you money with impact windows and doors by savings on your light bills also, security protection, and adding value to your property. Besides, investing instead of spending always will yield a better financial situation.

So do you consider your impact window and door replacements, or sunroom-addition a liability or an asset?

So for those who don’t understand an asset, let me put it simply to you. An asset puts money in your pocket. Homes that you live in and always want to stay there, are not an asset, they are a liability. Yeah, it sounds crazy, but if you invest and you won’t sell it, we call it a liability.

The price of Impact windows vs storm shutters

Impact windows and doors bring beauty, an increase in home value, in addition to energy-saving. The cost depends on you, do you value your home as an asset or a liability? Maybe you just want to leave the house to your family and remodeling is not a priority, then home improvement is not a big deal. We believe inexpensive shutters should be your option.

Here are Crystal Clear Windows & Doors we only install & replace impact windows and doors. So we hope our post helps you decide what’s best for you. We appreciate your comments and please spread our post around in Florida!


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