A Paradise In The Middle of a Hurricane

Have you ever thought of how much famous your city is? If not so, it is time to unearth the potential of Clearwater, FL. One of the industries that are profitable is tourism. We are well aware that this city is beautiful and is after its name “clear water,” so there is nothing to be envied the Caribbean Sea. To keep this place very attractive, which implies the right makeup, it is essential to invest in our homes.

One of the best ways to create attraction is to maintain the house windows neat. If by either debris or by vandalism acts, which is weird, we have broken glass, it is necessary to invest in impact windows installation in Clearwater, FL. This is in essence part of the makeup of homes. Having broken windows is making a wrong impression on tourists, and why not to say our relatives who live in other states and want to have a relaxing time in Clearwater, FL.

The Makeup

Texture, as well as windows, represent the bright face of our houses. Perhaps, the word makeup makes you think of paint if so, you are not wrong because it is possible to combine painting finishing with the type of window we want. Regarding this, a grey-colored living place might connect with golden window glass. The combination is a matter of taste, but very important at the time to define the finishing of our house if we are remodeling or building our residence.

I have talked about color, but what about style? Architects deal with unique designs as well as those enterprises in the windows industry. If you decide on a classic style for your home, perhaps oval windows match your expectations. If the case is a top modern house, you might select square clearance. These points of view are just vague opinions because the designer has the last word-of course, after you!

How Strong Winds Can Affect Your Home

how strong winds can impact houses

Up to this point, we have cleared out some inquiries about makeup. Now let’s move on to prevention. I am not discussing whether our windows are hit by small debris or residential utensils. I am talking about facing Mother Nature. The characteristic natural phenomenon in Florida is hurricanes. We cannot predict when a hurricane takes place in Clearwater, even if the remaining force of this phenomenon impacts it.

We cannot predict as I said, but prevent! Hurricane windows installations in Clearwater, FL is good option to prevent the makeup of our edifices. The investment is worth when your beloved ones’ life and yours are at risk. Rejecting this option is like playing with fire. A good advice is to sign a contract with an insurance company to cover damages provoked by a hurricane. It is better safe than sorry.

Hurricane Devastation By Statistics

hurricane devastation statistics

Let’s talk about the devastation of some relevant hurricanes in the state of Florida to perceive the risk of these monsters of nature. Irma left about 6.2 million homes in a black-out. This, in geographic terms, means 60% of the state. It is true that this hurricane changed category when set foot on land in a tropical storm; Nevertheless, the damage is impressive along the whole location.

Harvey is another powerful hurricane that left destroyed Florida. In 2017, this monsoon caused infrastructural and residence disaster cost in about 50 billion dollars. Florida has caught about 500 tropical or subtropical cyclones in recorded history. It looks like taken from a futuristic horror film if we count in numbers and destruction on earth along of distanced period.


hurricane winds

In brief, we have on the one hand a paradise with clear sand on the beaches available for national and foreign people to enjoy this paradise, but on the other hand, we have a potential risk due to its natural tempest without warning. Therefore, be prevented by placing resistant glasses and doors at your home.

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