7 Sliding Glass Patio Doors Essential Maintenance Tips

sliding glass patio doors replacement

Congrats on buying and installing your sliding glass patio doors since these beautiful doors are a great feature to have on any home. Besides allowing air to circulate and natural lighting to enter, they also extend living spaces to the outside. Nice! But, our homes’ outside items always require a little maintenance if we want them to stand the test of time.

Well, sliding patio doors need care too, and common issues like derailed entryways, obstructed or sticky tracks, and destroyed rollers can cause many struggles.

Therefore, before regretting your purchase, resolve minor issues to prevent expensive problems in the future. Our patio door installation experts can offer some tips for free that will help your sliding patio doors work smoothly.

  1. First, Clean the Sliding Glass on your Patio Doors

    sliding glass patio door maintenance

By cleaning windows with a cleaner and newspaper, you can remove sticky finger marks: Clearwater beaches, ocean fog build-up, dust, and grime. By routinely cleaning glass, you can remove dust and debris build-up in the frame and tracks allowing for perfect door functions.

  1. Wash Down the Frame

Washing the doors inside and outside the frame will keep them looking perfect and prevent weather damage to the outer frame seal. A light dust cleaning, followed by a warm light soap-water combination, is adequate. Please, do not use harsh chemicals, as they can damage the door frame’s finish. Consider re-varnishing the sliding doors with wood frames after the first varnish has started to wear out.

  1. Clean the Sliding Glass Doors Track

Usually, sliding patio door tracks go through unforgiving wear from home inhabitants with their pet’s hair, children’s crumbs, and outside dirty shoes. But season temperature extremes and blown-in trash can also expose these doors to costly repair issues. Therefore, I suggest cleaning the tracks and rollers every month.

First, use a vacuum cleaner to remove debris, dirt, and dust. A warm soap-water solution will assist with cleaning away the dirt. Next, consider using a butter knife to clean grooves and complex hard-to-reach spaces. An old toothbrush makes an excellent tool for lifting stuck dirt and debris in small areas.

  1. Lubricate the Sliding Glass Patio Doors Tracks

Lubricating tracks will stop doors from sticking and becoming difficult to open. Try to lubricate the tracks when they’re clean and free from dust. When the tracks are dirty, and you’ve been dealing with a sticky door for quite a while, consider removing the tracks so you can easily clean and lubricate the rail.

Please don’t add lubrication to aluminum sliding tracks since it can damage the rollers and cause issues. Aluminum tracks will not rust, so keep off the debris and dirt.


  1. Remove Patio Glass Door Weatherstripping

Old and weak weathering strips on your door won’t protect your home from cold or moist temperatures. You can replace old weatherstripping by removing old strips, cleaning the surface of dirt and debris, and putting in new weatherstripping. Ensure it’s aligned correctly and you follow the item’s directions.

  1. Replaced Old and Worn Out Rollers

For old and challenging sliding glass doors, remove the rollers for a quick investigation. You can clean dirty rollers and, after lubricating, reinstall them correctly. However, if the door rollers are damaged, replacement is your only choice. Ensure you adjust the rollers accurately and tinker with the adjustment screws until movement is flawless.

  1. Check the Sliding Patio Door Panels Alignment

Harsh knocks, lousy installation, and wrong door treatment like slamming can cause misalignment and shaky movement. Also, built-up debris may make rollers have a bad alignment. You can cure this by changing the roller screws, eliminating the door, and setting it out from top to bottom.

In Conclusion


Installing quality sliding glass patio doors from a reliable Clearwater window company will likewise mean a longer life. If issues appear premature, check the warranty, as you still qualify for factor repairs and maintenance.

When the patio doors are past their prime, contact an expert to discuss the cost of installing a sliding patio door replacement that offers better insulation, security, and lifespan.

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