5 Reasons to Replace the Front Door

replace the front door

Your entry door is the first thing people see when they come to your home, so replace the front door now. It symbolizes yourself and your family, so you must install a new replacement door today!

Many signs indicate when replacement front doors are needed, from cracks in the frame to peeling paint on the exterior or weather damage. In this blog post, our door installation Clearwater, FL experts will discuss five reasons to replace your door with a new one!

1. Replace the Front Door if it’s Challenging to Open and Close


When the door sticks, that’s a sure sign of energy escaping the door. Now, when the hinges sink, that’s another problem.

You can quickly fix this problem by changing the hinges. Other replacement door parts that need to be fixed are the latch, strike plate, and lock mechanism. If there is a lack of paint or any holes in your front door frame, you should immediately replace it because it makes the house vulnerable to break-ins.

A new replacement front door can save you the headaches of fixing an old door.

2. Does the Metal Door have Dings or Rust?

Dings and rust on a metal door show that the door’s structural integrity is compromised. If there is significant rusting, replacement becomes necessary.

You can start by replacing the hinges or replacing your front door entirely. Replacement doors are cost-effective and energy-efficient. Fiberglass is the best replacement material for a metal door because it has superior insulation.

3. Look for a Replacement Front Door When It Has Moisture Between the Panes of Glass

Many doors with glass packages have double-pane glass. After much time with older entries, the seal between the two panes will fail. It will lead to moisture or mold between glass panes, which is scary, so call a door installation expert.

When seal failure occurs between the front door’s glass panes, the mold/mildew is surrounded by organic material. It can be a significant issue if your entry doesn’t get much sunlight or shade. No one wants to hear about mold remediation.

4. Consider Replacing the Front Door when it is Weathered, Warped, Cracked, or Old

People paint the front door every few years to keep it looking new. But, unfortunately, sometimes this backfires as it hides something more sinister.

If you have an older home, your doors may be made out of wood that has experienced weathering. As a result, it can cause them to warp or crack if they are not adequately maintained (or replaced). On the other hand, hiring a St. Petersburg, FL, door installation expert to mount a replacement front door will give your home a modern look.

5. A Replacement Door is Adequate When it has Endured Past Water or Insect Damage

If you have had water and termite damage, you must replace the wood door.

Most people with these problems know that if the wood breaks apart and is soft, it won’t support the door structure or keep your home safe. So, you should replace the front door and do the same for insect damage issues.

Thus, if you don’t replace the door, your home is easier to break into. However, you’re also inviting more water or insects to damage your door and waste your energy bills.

Hire a Replacement Door Expert

white glass double door

The entry door can help curb the appeal of your home. A beautiful front door sets the tone of the entire home since it’s the entry to the inside of the house.

Front door replacements can be the best investments that you can buy to enhance your home. A modern front door will increase energy efficiency while adding beauty to your home style.

If you want to replace your old inefficient door with a modern double entry door today, consider contacting Crystal Clear Windows and Doors.

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