5 Pros of Hurricane Impact Window Replacements

hurricane impact window replacement

Hurricane impact window replacement can lower anxiety for residents who live in coastal regions prone to storms.

After witnessing so many hurricanes that have destroyed homes and killed thousands of people, homeowners deserve a house with a chance against a storm.

Yes, installing impact windows in your Clearwater home can help you persevere through an intense hurricane. However, make sure to follow your local laws and recommendations before staying to face a powerful storm.

Impact windows secure homes against big wind-borne debris. They look like standard windows from the outside but offer a cost-effective way to protect your home.

Unlike storm shudders, which don’t allow light inside, hurricane impact window replacement permits homeowners to see outside.

Here are five pros of installing hurricane-impact windows to know of:

  1. Hurricane impact window replacements will protect your home from debris

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As I said earlier, the top benefit of impact windows is their ability to withstand flying debris, and hurricanes bring a lot of destruction.

Impact windows have a proven track record of protecting homes from damaging winds. According to experts, roofs, windows, and doors are the most vulnerable to hurricane damage, so let’s protect them.

In coastal regions, standard windows and doors are vulnerable to flying debris. When broken, traditional windows and some parts of doors can permit wind, debris, and rain into the inside of the building. Broken windows and doors increase pressure inside the building, causing much damage.

Hurricane impact window replacements use impact-resistant laminated glass and a unique silicone glazing process to enable your home to withstand pressure from a storm. Therefore, it will keep your family and valuables and your home intact.

Impact-resistant windows are significant for old homes, which can be more prone to damage. New homes often have hurricane dangers in mind and meet coastal building codes. In Florida, the building codes are updated every five years.


  1. Insurance discounts


Today, insurance premiums in coastal regions are increasing, so homeowners look for discounts. Did you know hurricane impact windows can assist you with savings on home insurance?

Many home insurance companies offer homeowners discounts when upgrading their homes to impact windows.

Usually, insurance savings could help mitigate the cost of premiums over time.


  1. Hurricane Impact Windows Reduce Homeowner Anxiety

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Indeed, even prepared homeowners face anxiety regarding damage to their homes and valuables besides their family safety during a storm. With the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic and the loss of millions of jobs, homeowners want to invest in something productive and safe.

Hurricane impact window replacement improves the ROI and brings security to nervous homeowners when the weather forecast predicts Florida’s storm.

Home built before 2002, more likely don’t have impact windows installed. Don’t worry; our partners can offer finance so you get the peace of mind you deserve.

  1. Soundproofing


Impact windows can protect your home from outside noise. Since hurricane impact window replacements come produced with laminated glass, they offer an added polyvinyl butyral layer intended to catch debris. So, they give soundproofing plus storm protection.

Impact windows won’t just improve your home’s security should a storm hit; they will also help your home to feel good, private, and quiet all year round.


  1. Convenience

Hurricane shudders and plywood have significant disadvantages because of the constant setup and takedown. However, hurricane-impact window replacements require a one-time installation. When you set up your impact windows, there’s nothing else to do. A storm can strike all of a sudden.

Fortunately, impact-resistant windows give all-year security, so running around is unnecessary. Homeowners tend to run to the store and wait in a huge line to buy plywood or bring the shudders out of the basement or garage and get on a dangerous ladder to set up.

Contact a Crystal Clear Windows & Doors representative today and install a window you can depend on forever.

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