5 Home Improvement Windows Trends

Home Improvement Windows Trends

Start your late spring with home improvement windows trends today with these five trending window ideas below. Depending on your weather, it can be ideal for updating or renovating your front doors, sliding glass patio doors, home windows, and much more.

When you want to improve your home for comfort, spring is the best season to begin making arrangements for the new Clearwater windows installation you want. Or any changes you need to make to improve your home look. Starting early is essential for a well-finished project.

But the good news is you can begin by looking at the best new window designs. We’ve gathered five trending window ideas for improving airflow in your home, energy efficiency, increasing the security of your home, and more.

Let’s look at these great ideas from your local window installers near me below.

1)Floor-to-ceiling Windows Allow more Light Inside

Summer brings rising temperatures, but it also brings sunshine! You can welcome some natural light into your home with floor-to-ceiling windows. After being stuck inside during winter, floor-to-ceiling windows can refresh your house and connect you with the outdoors by allowing natural light and air.

Luckily, floor-to-ceiling windows look dramatic, yet they can also be versatile. Large picture windows will frame your bright summer setting and combine nicely with the awning windows below so so you can still have some seasonal ventilation. Moreover, you can get a floor-to-ceiling look using single-hung or double-hung windows mixed with lower or upper transoms, permitting you to open the main window region.

Think about the various materials, finishes, and frame colors that may permit you to complement your home’s current style.

2) Save Cash on Utilities with Energy-Efficient Windows

Keep cool, save cash, and help the environment by buying and installing energy-efficient windows. Frames featuring materials like wood, fiberglass, and vinyl, energy-efficient windows bring multiple panes of glass to seal in cool air and keep the heat out. If you want something cheaper but still good considering, vinyl eco-friendly windows are the best approach.

Besides saving cash on your energy bill throughout the year or years, energy-efficient windows can likewise add a substantial cash gain to your home’s selling cost. They’re nothing wrong with helping Mother Nature and ensuring a nice profit from your renovation.

3) Boost your Homes Look and Inside Space with Bay or Bow Windows

bow windows trends in Florida

Perhaps you want to exploit the added summertime light and enhance your home. For this, think about installing bow or bay windows.

Bow windows can feature multiple windows in a curved arc, making them look more extensive as they extend just past your home’s wall.

With the added ledge space, can you add some summer style to your home with light-loving plants like aloe vera or sago palm?

Bow windows will enhance your home by:

  • Improving ventilation.
  • Increase lighting.
  • Upgrading your home’s look.

4) Keep Damaging UV-rays and Hurricanes under Control with Impact Windows

impact window company

Residential St. Petersburg hurricane windows companies recommend impact windows for homes vulnerable to hurricanes. While impact windows prevent storm air penetration, they prevent UV rays from ruining your furnishing and skin cancer.

High-quality impact windows bring the laminated glass that filters almost all of the UV rays. In the hot months, when the sun temperatures are at their peak, that filtration feature can be essential by:

  • Shield your carpet, blinds, and furniture from UV-related fading.
  • Stop your window drapes from fading.
  • Keep your home’s temperature low.
  • Prevent sound pollution from entering your home like high traffic, neighbors, or airport areas.


5) Awning Windows can Provide Ventilation even on a Rainy Day

Somedays, you want to relax, but rain can ruin your plans. These windows are the perfect solution.

Awning windows open outward from the bottom. Awning windows can boost your home’s airflow while protecting you from the rain.

These windows can also help keep the hot, dusty air out and your AC air inside. Also, awning windows come in many styles and custom sizes, perfect for room additions or home improvement windows trends projects.

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