3 Best Patio Door Types for a Home

best patio door types to install

The best patio door types may transform your living space and improve your outdoor view.  One benefit of having a patio door in your home is that it will draw attention to it. Moreover, a Clearwater patio door replacement can help you save money on energy bills and lower outdoor noise. 

Beginning a patio door renovation can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.  Doors come in various designs and materials, including sliding, folding, and French patio doors.  Uncertain of what would be best for your home?  

This post will help you choose the best patio door type


Top Considerations for Patio Doors


The transition from your home to your patio is made naturally by patio doors. When choosing the best patio door types, bear the following factors in mind:


Swing Space-Measure the area that your patio door will swing into to prevent damage to furniture or pots.


Visibility- Consider a door with significant unobstructed panes of glass if you want a lovely, scenic outlook.


Style-When buying a patio door, consider your home’s overall design. Otherwise, your traditional property can have an out-of-place modern door.


Large sliding glass door costs– Don’t do it yourself; consider hiring an expert to replace the patio doors.


Patio Sliding Door Types

sliding glass door replacements on a patio

Sliding patio doors often have two or three sliding, overlapping panels with a single fixed panel.


When opened, sliding patio doors don’t take up any space in the house or patio since they travel horizontally on tracks in the door frame. The wind cannot move or slam them like French doors. You can adjust sliding patio doors to wholly or partly open for ventilation.


Sliding doors, with big glass panes in each section, also provide the clearest view of the outside. However, sliding doors should be installed on anti-lifting tracks to stop burglars from lifting them out.


Benefits of patio sliding doors 


  • Allow plenty of natural light to enter. 
  • There are a few frame options for panoramic vistas.
  • It is very secure as a result of cutting-edge technology.
  • Simple, minimalistic style.
  • Energy-saving and high-performing glass panes are available.


Cons of patio sliding doors


  • A folding bifold-style door may be preferred for those who desire to open their living area completely.


French Patio Door 

mand and woman standing by French doors

French patio doors are hinged to the door frame on both sides. They don’t need center support; thus, both sides can open completely.

The spacious entrance makes it easy for visitors to enter and exit and helps when bringing and removing away bulky furnishings. However, French patio doors are unsuitable for narrower spaces that can’t fit the three-foot swing direction.


French patio doors’ benefits



French patio doors’ drawbacks


  • Think about a bifold sliding door to smoothly transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.


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Folding or Bifold Door Types


Exterior glass-panel doors with an accordion-style opening are known as folding patio doors. To provide a seamless transition from inside to exterior spaces, such as a patio, outdoor kitchen, or gazebo, folding patio doors can be utilized to update your present openings or replace a portion of a wall. When fully opened and stacked, bi-fold doors produce huge spaces, yet they let in plenty of natural light when shut.

Bifold doors have become quite popular because of their impressive appearance and capacity to transition smoothly from the interior to the outside. When entertaining, you can open up and combine the two areas to enjoy a comfortable atmosphere with loved ones and friends. Additionally, configurations can be changed to accommodate different opening directions, panels, and single-opening doors—which are helpful during the winter!


Benefits of Folding Patio Doors 


  • Patio doors create a smooth transition to the outside.
  • You’ll need very little interior space if you choose an outward opening.
  • You’ll increase the natural light in your home.
  • Safe and efficient in terms of thermal efficiency.
  • Ideal for homeowners who enjoy entertaining.


Bifold patio doors’ drawbacks


  • Those who want minimal sightlines prefer a patio door style with fewer frames.


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